Sorting & Inspection

Total Quality Assurance delivers the most responsive and highest quality Inspection Services in the automotive industry.

The driving goal behind the way our team operates during a ‘Sort & Inspection ’ of parts is to first and foremost contain the customer’s problem and then to immediately provide the support needed for the supplier to resolve the problem and eliminate the fall-out.

During ‘Sorting & Inspection ’, our inspectors use documented work instructions to record quantity inspected and frequency of problem(s), and quantity certified on an Inspection Report. The Quality Manager develops I-Charts and reports data to the customer and vendor daily. Often a solution to re-work the part is found and the part can be corrected to move back to the customer.

TQA has a combined 65+ years of Quality Management experience in the automotive industry. Our assembled management team has the experience to deliver Sorting & Inspection Services in critical timing situations or Proactive Launches to allow you the customer to be assured that any problem is contained and solutions are being aggressively pursued with the part supplier to eliminate fall-out.

To accomplish these goals, TQA provides the following processes:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Bore Scope Inspection
  • Gauge Inspection
  • Sediment Testing
  • Dry Checks
  • Wet Checks