Part Re-working

Total Quality Assurance has the resources to ‘Re-Work ’ parts to get them back into the Value Stream for manufacturing.

If the need for re-working a part is created by an error during the manufacturing process, TQA offers re-works that create substantial savings over scrapping parts. As well, when a vendor finds a correctable problem with a part TQA can save the supplier significant transportation cost by re-working at our distribution center close to your customer or onsite when allowed.

Whether parts require a ‘Re-Work ’ due to a correctable defect or an error in the manufacturing process, Total Quality Assurance has the experience to re-work the part and get it buck into the system for sale.

Some of the examples of Re- Work that TQA has accomplished are:

  • Fastener Replacement
  • RTV removal and cleaning
  • Burr Removal
  • Seal Replacement
  • Sensor Replacement