Container Management

Total Quality Assurance Logistics Services provides our customers local Container Management services to minimize the cost of moving empty containers.

TQA’s focus is to provide close proximity washing for 0utbound container loops, while assuring our customer’s vendors have an option for ‘inbound’ container loops.

TQA’s wash system is a 100% self-contained unit that assures zero environmental discharge. The waste water and bath are kept until the usability has been exhausted. A certified waste water disposal supplier is used to pump and recycle the bath. Our Container Management Unit provides part washing. TQA has the experience to remove part contaminants like oil, grease, debris and in .some cases rust. Let our team review your part washing needs to develop a custom solution for your problem.

All of the Container Management Services that TQA Logistic Services provides are geared toward helping our customers improve their indirect cost associated with ‘Returnable Packaging ’. If your company is looking for a supplier to perform all of your container services, be assured that TQA Logistic Services will get the job done.

The Container management services that TQA Logistic Services provides are:

  • Container Washing (Clean & Dry)
  • Part Washing
  • Container Repair
  • Container Re-Work
  • Container Tracking & Inventory
  • JIT delivery of Outbound Container Loops to the point of Use.
  • Seat Belt Repair
  • Rack Modification